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There are =
many reasons for the symptoms you describe associated with upgrade to SP2, =
the most likely cause is drivers - it's no use just updating the graphics =
card drivers, you need to make sure that you have the latest drivers for =
all your hardware, this includes the drivers for your motherboard itself. =
Make sure you get the drivers from the hardware manufacturers website, do =
not rely on windows update to provide you with them, they are invariably =
out of date. =20

Another cause, if you have an older machine, is the =
BIOS, and this could need updating too.

Best =


The same exact thing happened =

to me. ANY help would be appreciated
"Birdman" wrote:
I installed =

SP2 so it would stop showing up in my taskbar. Once I did, the=20

computer gets to the XP screen with the scrolling bars and =
reboots. I tried a Windows repair to no avail. I =

upgraded to XP Pro, no=20
change. I found I can run msconfig and boot =

up with basevideo checked and it=20
boots OK, but the res is 640 x =

480. From there I can adjust to 1280 x 1024=20
and it works just fine =

until I reboot. Then I go through the same thing all=20
over again. I =

am running a nvidia FX 5200 display adapter and updated the=20
driver =

to the most current version, no difference. I tried replacing the=20

kernel32.dll file, made it much worse. I need a genius!!!