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To answer your other questions, I installed the Windows update version first.
When that didn't work, I uninstalled that and installed Windows XP Pro
Upgrade w/SP2 included. It had the same result. I have always been able to
boot in safe mode and change the boot.ini checking "basevideo" and except for
the resolution and a 10% drop in processor speed, been able to get full
function back. From there I uninstall SP2 and all is well. I probably have
sufficient protection on my computer that I could do without SP2, but now
it's the principle of the thing. It's a quest!! I ran sfc /scannow and no
problems were detected. All the hardware on the computer came with the
computer and all drivers appear to be up to date.
With SP2 installed, but running in safe mode, It seems everything
reports to be using IRQ 11(at least a few things). The sound card, display
adapter, modem, etc., all say they are on IRQ 11, but in safe mode I don't
really believe the resource reporting on unavailable devices. Don't know if
that helps clear things up any, but that's all I know for now.

"Birdman" wrote:

To answer your query, I was able to uninstall SP2 and everything is fully
functional again. I will try your suggestions over the upcoming weekend and
post results. Thanks.

"Ron Martell" wrote:

"Birdman" wrote:

I installed SP2 so it would stop showing up in my taskbar. Once I did, the
computer gets to the XP screen with the scrolling bars and immediately
reboots. I tried a Windows repair to no avail. I upgraded to XP Pro, no
change. I found I can run msconfig and boot up with basevideo checked and it
boots OK, but the res is 640 x 480. From there I can adjust to 1280 x 1024
and it works just fine until I reboot. Then I go through the same thing all
over again. I am running a nvidia FX 5200 display adapter and updated the
driver to the most current version, no difference. I tried replacing the
kernel32.dll file, made it much worse. I need a genius!!!

How did you install SP2? Piecemeal via Windows Update or from the
full installation pack (download or CD)?

Can you uninstall SP2 and revert back to your previous status?

Try booting into Safe Mode, then open a Command Prompt window and
enter the following command:


Good luck

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