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Default fxscount.h missing in XP

DL you are absolutely correct, thank you for your response. I found the file
on another computer and it is a text file. However, I am still getting the
same error while trying to set up a fax, the fxscount.h stops it. The error
message "The file "fxscount.h" on Windows XP Professional CD-ROM is needed.
Type the path where the file is located, and then click OK." HP has stopped
support for the Officejet 600 and I really don't want to trash it because of
this. I purchased a USB to Parallel printer cable which must be working fine
and not interferring with the fax because it prints fine, it's only the fax
that won't work. However, I am also getting a 2way communication error that
I am also trying to test to see if this may be the problem. I just don't
know how to do the 2 way test yet.

"Sam Hobbs" wrote:

The ".h" extension of fxscount.h implies it is a file that is part of the
program's source code; in other words, it is probably used by the developers
to make the program. It is entirely possible that HP chose to use that
extension for some other purpose, but it seems highly unlikely that HP would
use a ".h" extension for a DLL.

"Vicki" wrote in message
I'm trying to attach an old HP 600 All-in-One Fax Printer Scanner to a
laptop with XP SP2. I cannot find the fxscount.h dll file for XP Pro or
other than for the small business Server 2003 OS. The printer portion is
working, it is the FAX I cannot get to work. Can someone please tell me
where I can download this file or how I can make this work? The DLL sites
I've checked don't have it listed.

Thank you in advance.