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Default How to set NOTEPAD to save to UNICODE as default

On Sunday, July 24, 2016 at 10:25:22 AM UTC+3, wrote:
I have Windows 10.
This works only for Right click - New - Text Document.
If I open Notepad from the Start menu, it opens with the encoding ANSI as default.
Therefore, I think, it is easier to have the New Text Document.txt on the Desktop and open it to write any Unicode document, instead of changing the registry entries.

SOLUTION: (ok maybe this is unrelated to the original problem but I found this thread while I was having MY problem so I'm posting my solution)

Especially for the people that have windows 10 and seeking to save in unicode. Is your problem actually that you are from a non English country and whenever you write something in a text file you need to go in this trouble to "save as" into "unicode"? That was MY problem and the solution is to change your locale, then you don't need to do anything else. You files will be saved in the proper encoding automatically.

Instructions: (short version)
Go to region and change locale to your preferred country.
Control Panel Region Administrative language for non-unicode programs Change system locale (restart your PC)

Step by Step Instructions for Windows 10:
search "Control Panel" (by just opening start menu and typing, or press the
"search windows" button, ie the magnifying glass, on the taskbar)
Open "Control Panel"
Open "Region"
Click the last tab "Administrative"
On the bottom is the "language for non-unicode programs" area
Click "Change system locale" and select your country.
Restart your PC

Now hopefully you don't need to do anything else.