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On 07 Dec 2017, "Mayayana" wrote in

The unsubscribe might work. Though there's something
not quite right about companies that spam you without
asking and then say they'll stop if you ask them nicely.

That's just the way it is, although I find that in most cases there is
an opportunity to opt out in the same place you give out your email
address. Sometimes it's not very obvious.

I've had almost 100% success simply using the email's "unsubscribe"
link, if it's a sender I'm convinced is legit. If they're not legit,
it's liable to be a one-off spam and not worth thinking twice about.
I've only ever had to resort to filtering out advertising emails two or
three times.

Junk phone calls are far, far greater problem for me these days than
are junk emails.