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Default New Acer monitor problems

"Tim Slattery" wrote

| We just bought a new Acer CB281HK monitor for my wife's Win8.1
| computer. It's a 28" screen and is in some ways (particularly
| rendering photographs) really spectacular. But it seems to have a
| problem with text.

Presumably you've tried these, but just in case:

* Make sure you have the proper graphics driver.

* Make sure the resolution is set to something
compatible. The "native" resolution is best, but if
that's a bad size you need to at least make sure
that the resolution fits the monitor. I have an Acer
and find that some resolutions that are not the right
w/h ratio will distort, while others will just fit themselves
to the screen. Currently I'm using 1440 x 900. It
gives me the size of objects that I like but leaves
about 1" black on each side. I think native is something
like 1920 x 1080, but that just makes things too small.
Some other resolutions will distort, so that a square icon
becomes rectangular. It depends on what the display
hardware/software can handle.

* Install the monitor "driver". Windows should see the
brand in display properties. It will then show accurately
what your display options are.

* Try different connectors. I find that my options with
HDMI vs VGA vs DVI are entirely different. I'm using HDMI.

* If all else fails you can try installing a new graphics
card, but that shouldn't be necessary in a recent
vintage computer.