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Default New Acer monitor problems

On Wed, 27 Dec 2017 10:00:13 -0500, Tim Slattery

We just bought a new Acer CB281HK monitor for my wife's Win8.1
computer. It's a 28" screen and is in some ways (particularly
rendering photographs) really spectacular. But it seems to have a
problem with text.

Text - menus, dialog boxes, the titles under the desktop icons - is
rendered extremely poorly. We've been through the ClearType tuner
(it's *really* bad with Clear Type turned off) and it helps some, but
it's still pretty bad. I haven't found any information at Acer's web
site, except for somebody complaining about the same problem.

Also, text in menus, under desktop icons, etc, etc, is really
small,and we've been unsuccessful in finding out how to make it
bigger. She seems to have figured out how to make the icons bigger,
but the text is the same size.

Can anybody help?

I would recommend using Advanced System Font Manager. The first time
you run the program note the font details (there are six items) in
case you need to take a backward step.

You may also improve the text under icons if you go to:

Control Panel / System / Advanced system settings / Advanced

Under "Performance" select Settings and remove the tick in the last
item "Use drop shadows ....