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Default New Acer monitor problems

Wolf K wrote:

VanguardLH wrote:

Then see if changing DPI (to, say, 125%) makes the text more legible
to you.

All in all, I agree with Paul, the issue is the graphics card.

Which is why I *lastly* mentioned "First fix the root problem: running
the LCD/LED monitor at other than its native resolution. Then see if
changing DPI ...". The first 64% of my reply was about using the native
resolution of the monitor and included mention that the video card/chip
specifications need to "match or exceed those of the monitor."

The last paragraph (that you quoted in part) was more of a warning about
using anything different than 100% DPI. I use 125% but do run into
non-DPI aware programs where some of the text within their dialogs is
cut off or not visible. I'd rather suffer a few defects in a few
programs due to a changed DPI than make my eyes suffer all the time.