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Default Is there an ad-free YouTube clone for Windows like NewPipe is for Android?

/nIn vTmkB66N, Diesel

One individual in particular seems to be of the mistaken impression
that if you value your privacy online, you must have something to hide.

Your point is valid, in that it's very few people who think that anyone who
changes nyms and headers is a troll simply because they change nyms and

They're just like the people who think all Muslims are terrorists.

A troll has to actually troll to be a troll.

And, there's no concept of privacy online either.

True. As every Uesnet post is scooped up ... But...

Privacy depends on the adversary, does it not?

If the adversary is a state-sponsored or otherwise well-funded criminal
organization, you'd better not go anywhere near the Internet.

However, if the adversary is a commercial bot, then you can likely avoid
being pulled out of the agglomeration simply by changing headers.

If I wanted to, I'd change my writing style, which would add a second level
of privacy (but at greater effort).

The cost of privacy is always in the effort involved.

Obviously the
individual is mistaken on both counts. I also warn you in advance, if
you disagree with the individual concerning the above two matters, they
take it personally and seek to learn more about you, if possible. Under
the false guise of 'hunting bad guys' as, obviously to them, only bad
guys feel a need to be private.

The nym of Goodguy is one of those psychopaths, who keeps a log of each one
of us, with our headers and nntp posting hosts as his correlation.

Plenty more sociopaths on the nntp-related newsgroup

My signature contains more information about the individual I've
briefly described above and I strongly encourage you to become
acquainted with the material offered.

Thanks. The one thing they would hate is someone doing to them what they
habitually do to others - so you did the right thing. Kudos to you.