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Default Intel Chips Have a Major Design Flaw and the Fix Means Slower PCs

On Wed, 3 Jan 2018 14:06:30 -0600, Lynn McGuire

Intel Chips Have a Major Design Flaw and the Fix Means Slower PCs

Over the next few weeks theres a very good chance your PC or laptop is
going to take a significant performance hit. The worst case scenario
being it will get 30 percent slower. Worse than that is the fact you can
do nothing about it as the slow down is a side effect of fixing a major
design flaw in Intel processors.

I cannot tell yet if this is a real problem or not.

BTW, I am wondering if this is another CIA backdoor.

Intel is gone. The class action on this one will force them into
bankruptcy as the flaw is apparently in all Pentium and newer Cpus.

I'm looking forward to seeing whether there will indeed be a class
action lawsuit. Either way, this is more than enough for me to abandon
Intel with the next computer purchase. I've _always_ preferred AMD and
only begrudgingly accepted Intel in the computer I received as a trade
for my PS3 and the gaming laptop I purchased later on. I _never_
trusted them and it looks like I was right not to.

I can only hope that AMD starts taking gaming laptops more seriously
going forward. They've got some interesting mobile technology but
aren't very good at getting manufacturers to use it.