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Default Is there an ad-free YouTube clone for Windows like NewPipe isfor Android?

Wolf K wrote:
On 2018-01-03 12:41, Gene Wirchenko wrote:
When I download in Firefox, I always specify the destination.
Otherwise, I do*NOT* know where it puts it.


Tools - Options - General - Downloads - Save Files To...

You're forgetting (I do this all the time), that
some users aren't even aware there is a "menu bar" :-)

This is why they can't find it on their own.

The missing step, for those playing along at home, is to
make a right-click on the top of the Firefox window, and
the right-click menu offers a "Menu Bar" item. When you
select that, a return visit later will have a tick box
indicating you're enabled the Menu Bar at the top of the
window. Note that the entire surface of the top bar is
not "active", so you have to move the mouse around and
try a few times, until you hit the ticklish spot.

It's the modern "Easter Egg" design method for GUIs.

After you've done that, you can follow Wolfs path-to-victory.

When I offer Firefox help, I get this all the time.
"What menu bar are you talking about?" :-) Well, there
is one. You just have to play peek-a-boo with the interface
to get it.


And at least a couple browsers, offer access to things
from the URL bar.


Firefox has

about:config === *Danger. No Undo!!! Do not delete entries in there*

Chrome is even more "generous", Easter Egg Heaven.


It's a good thing modern users enjoy "treasure hunts".