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Default What can cause 1/2 of a Windows Messenger conv to be blocked?

Again, only offering a solution. Nobody appears to have come up with one

"david.karr" wrote in message
At my company, we use mostly WinXPSP1. We have Windows Messenger 5.1
(on my laptop, at least).

We use Windows Messenger a lot. Quite often I run into a situation
where I'm talking to someone on WM and they stop replying to me. I
then see in my email box a note from that person saying that it
started saying "could not deliver" when replying to my messages. When
this happens, the only thing I can find to fix this is to sign out of
WM, which closes all my existing WM windows (which is a real pain

What can cause this, and is there something we can do to resolve this?