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Default Outlook Express Replacement

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In case anyone is interested, there is an Outlook Express
Replacement called OE Classic, which will apparently work in all
versions of windows.

h**p:// www. oeclassic. c*m/

"OE Classic is email and Usenet reader designed to be a perfect
replacement for Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail
and even Mozilla Thunderbird." (from their site)

You forgot to mention it costs $25 for the Pro version. The free
version is limited to only 2 e-mail accounts, limited number of
identities, cannot import .wab files (address books) or messages
from OE, there is no export feature, cannot even drag messages out
of the program onto the desktop, composes only in HTML, inserts
line breaks at odd places, you don't get the latest version as do
Pro users, and according to a user review at Cnet, the free version
appends an ad signature to your outbound e-mails (and why I also no
longer recommend EssentialPIM as a cheap alternative to MS Outlook
-- you cannot add your own signature in its options and you have to
erase their spam signature in your outbound e-mails). This is why
the free version is called demoware.

There are free unfettered and more stable alternatives some which
you mentioned (if you demand an e-mail/newsgroups combination

Yes, the Pro version seems a lot better, but I think $25 for such an
application would be well worth it for anyone who used and truly
enjoyed OE. The Pro version is admitedly not free, but it's pretty
cheap, I think, considering the use one would presumably get out of

But you should mention price, especially when suggesting a replacement
to a free program (Outlook Express). Many users do NOT want to go
from a free program to a paid replacement if they don't have to, and
they don't have to. There are toll roads but if the travellers know
ahead of time about the tolls than many will use alternate non-toll

Remember the Pro version is still pretty lame as far as features go. No
rules support for one. Another is I understand is that you can't post on
newsgroups. I also heard that it creates uneven line lengths. Seems like
it has awhile to go yet before I would be interested.

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