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Default Outlook Express Replacement

J. P. Gilliver (John) wrote:
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J. P. Gilliver (John) wrote:
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I know this thread is quite old, That I just came across that and I
think I was made as well. Regarding importing WAB FILES.(address book).
I exported my old address book as a .CSV file, and imported it into
oeclassic as a new address book very nicely.


OEClassic has a variable reputation.

Variable? Care to elaborate? :-) Fortunately I haven't had a need
to use it yet since I'm still on XP. :-) I'm guessing it's weaker in
the messsage filters or rules area for newsgroups, if my memory serves
me, but it would be interesting to know more.

I haven't used it myself, but from a couple of people I know who have, I
get the impression that the free/trial version is somewhat limited, and
didn't give them the impression that it was worth spending for the paid
version. I'm afraid I can't remember what it didn't do - or did/dies
badly - compared to the real old OE. Unlike some other products (e. g.
Media Player Classic, Classic Shell) with "Classic" in the name, which
all who've tried them (that I've read) seem very pleased with.

(There's also something that's supposed to look like Eudora [an email
client] but is really a version of Thunderbird, that wasn't maintained
and didn't live up to its original promise. Can't remember if that had
Classic in the name though - I think not. Proper Eudora runs fine under
7 anyway, as we found!)

Some time ago I purchased OE Classic for the "future", just in case. :-) I
thought the cost of $25 was worth the gamble, since I didn't see anything
else even close to OE (which is what I am using now, and actually prefer
(even over Outlook or Thunderbird). :-)

Anyways, in case anyone else is interested, I've listed two URLS below with
more info on the program. My expectation is when I have to upgrade my OS,
whenever that day ultimately arrives, I'll probably use it.