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Default View DICOM images? MicroDicom DICOM viewer!

Ant wrote:
On 4/11/2015 7:07 PM, Paul wrote:

The danger with this idea, is you would only see the first image
in the file. If the DICOM file contained multiple images,
XnView would ignore all of the ones after the first one.

The reason that can work, is an image viewer is designed to ignore
"tagging" fields. And only look for identity strings or 4CC codes
that are part of a particular image type. So while it might
"run into" an image as it scans the file, the image viewer application
is not designed to extract all possible images in there (as the DICOM
could be like a ZIP file in terms of organization).

Even if you didn't have a complete viewer application, but just had
a DICOM parser to "unzip" the file, that would be better than nothing
in terms of extraction.


To test this out, you and Ant could agree on a test
file to use, then see who can locate the most images
inside it.

I can't share mine since they are private, but I can share these if they
help from my Linux/Debian stable box:

$ file *
file1: DICOM medical imaging data
file10: DICOM medical imaging data

PS.DIR: ASCII text, with CRLF line terminators

The microdicom site had some sample files.
Find one for which the viewer you downloaded,
locates multiple files. Then Vanguard can try
his viewer and see if he can locate all the
image files inside.

I looked at a couple of sample files from that
site, but with my hex editor, I couldn't
figure out where the images began, and where
I should be snipping. What I was seeing was
weird, and almost looked like it had a
double-byte orientation. This is unlike the
mypacs sample I got, where I could see PNG
multiple times inside the file, and it was
easy to snip them out with the hex editor
and open each PNG separately.