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Default View DICOM images? MicroDicom DICOM viewer!

Who said XnView isn't free? You? Or were you quoting the Irfanview
author? Of course it is free - for personal use.
"If you intend to use XnView in a company, you must purchase a license."

You never said whatever Dicom viewer you found would be deployed within
a business. So far, it has been all about just you.

It's personal home usage so I can view my own images. Ah, I missed that
part. So I tried it, but it failed to open the images.

But Irfanview didn't work on the sample images. From Irfanview's
download page, 4.38 is the latest version. That's what I have. I also
downloaded and installed the 4.38 version plug-ins. Under Help -
Installed plug-ins, DICOM.DLL 4.20 "Dicom images - DCM ACR IMA" is
listed and that's the version listed on Irfanview's download page. It
didn't work when I tried using Irfanview with the Dicom plug-in to view
the sample images. Could be XnView works on some Dicom images where the
Irfanview Dicom plug-in fails, and perhaps visa versa, too.

Well, both of them failed for me with the non-sample images I have.
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