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Default Nudge and Wink gone


Are you sure the emoticons button is appearing? If they were all gone, it would indicate
that the formatting toolbar has just been turned off. If that were the case, you could open
any conversation window, press the Alt key on the keyboard to bring up the menu bar, choose
Tools, then Show toolbars, and then choose Formatting.

Otherwise try shutting down Messenger and restarting it as it's possible the web
configuration service just blocked out those features in this session for some reason.

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"ALPENA3D" Skipper wrote in message
My bottom line of my Windows Live Messenger; Version 2009 (Build
14.0.8089.726 contact still has "Emoticons", but has lost its "Nudge" and
"Wink". That line now has "Font", "background" and "Handwriting".
How can I restore the bottom line to it original version?

Alpena Born