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Default update/upgrade issues with migrated systems

VanguardLH wrote:

Jason wrote:

I just wish that MS could have at least told me if the failure was
something software-related or a hardware incompatibility; the machine is
rather old.

You can always save a backup image of the OS partition(s), do a fresh
install of the OS and drivers (but NO APPS, not even anti-virus), to
test if the problem remains or went away. Then you can decide if that
long-time refined setup is worth retaining or reinstall the apps, do the
tweaks, restore the data, and go forward with a non-polluted instance of
the OS. Or start saving for a new computer so your old one remains
usable until you decide to switch to the new one.

Hmm, I don't see you mentioned disabling ALL startup programs and reboot
Windows? While in normal mode (before rebooting with startup programs
disabled), security software may require you use their UI to permanently
disable them during the test rather than, say, use msconfig.