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Default update/upgrade issues with migrated systems

On 12/5/2017 6:40 PM, Jason wrote:
On Wed, 06 Dec 2017 01:23:33 GMT "Tim" wrote in

I finally succeeded in updating to 1709 today. I tried it before but it
threw an error some where and backed out. I didn't catch what the error
was so was somewhat in the dark. I did some research online, and one of
the things I saw was that some people were having problems with antivirus
software. So I disconnected from the internet, disabled Windows Defender
and Windows Firewall, and gave it another try. But not before imaging the
system drive again! An hour and twelve minutes later, all was gold.
Turned things back on, reconnected the ethernet cable, and business as

The MS techs disabled my anti-v software but I'm not sure they killed off
both Windows' firewall -and- Defender. I'll give that a shot.

BTW This a system that has been continuously upgraded from Win7 to the
first Win10 and on until today. All Pro versions and 64bit.

That's interesting. It's the same path I've followed from 7 - 10,
skipping Vista. I had wondered here before if there were gremlins from
earlier versions that were preventing the upgrade, but it worked for you
so I guess not.

I've had upgrade problems with Comodo Internet Security.
If I uninstall Comodo, upgrade Win10, reinstall Comodo, it works fine.