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Ed Cryer wrote:
Ed Cryer wrote:
I want a box that can handle all the latest games; the ones that demand everything of
the best.
I've been looking around now for a few weeks, but the market is so confusing.
Money is not much of an object; well, let's say 5k GBP max.

Should I get one purpose-built? Or a new year bargain?

My gut feeling says 16GB RAM (DDR7); 500GB SSD with 2TB spinner; good video card; i7
quad-core CPU.

Who knows better?


This MSI Aegis Ti3 caught my eye;
But then I found this; cheaper, but good enough, and with customer reviews;


My opinion: (no humor intended)
Both computers will be good for 3-5 years of gaming before new game requirements
exceed the power of these machines.

If you are a serious competition gamer (ie: brain and body response time of a teenager,
goes to gaming meets and competitions, connects directly to competition LAN's) and need
the last little bit of speed and power, then get the dual 1080 one.
Minuses: in my opinion the single 850 watt power supply will not be enough for
a 1080 SLI running at max. Replace it with at least a 1000 watt PS.
Electric cost ~£5/day.
The RAM is way too slow for this machine.
Replace with at least 3600 mhz if the MB supports it.

If you are a casual gamer then the single 1070 one will suffice.
The 730 watt PS is sufficient. RAM could be faster though.
You can easily replace the single vid card in 3 years with a better one
for only a few hundred £ as opposed to replacing the twin 1080's for
a thousand £+.