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KenK wrote:
Shadow wrote in

On 2 Jan 2018 16:39:39 GMT, KenK wrote:

I have an old Compaq Presario 5000 running XP I got as a gift. It did
not include the XP install disk.

Specs ?

Download Speccy portable

And tell us what it says.
RAM could be anything from 64MB to 1GB, CPU from a 600 Celeron
to a 1.6 Pentium ....
Video will also impact performance.

My Computer sez:

Internal C - 133G
Internal D - 17G
Extenal G - 1 T

Oddly, My Computer in this system only provides drive info. System in
Control Panel sez:

Speed 1.59 GHz
512 MB RAM
XP Home Version 2002

A lighter weight Ubuntu family to try, is here. Fits on a CD.

lubuntu-14.04.1-desktop-i386.iso 729,808,896 bytes

The additional drivers tab worked as described here. I tried
additional drivers under Ubuntu, and the NVidia 173 driver
didn't work right. It works under Lubuntu 14.04.1. My "glxgears"
test was around 1000 FPS. (My better AGP video card, which just
burned out, could do around 5000 FPS.) I tried adding the
Ubuntu DE onto my setup (made a backup first), and got graphical
artifacts and (as expected) had to back out and restore from

So after I installed that, and did Software Updates, there
was no "Compiz" wasting CPU. And my P4 2.8GHz with Hyperthreading,
was completely railed viewing a page in FF57.0.4 32bit :-)
I wouldn't say the setup was "snappy", but the result passed
for a "bar bet". It did work.

When you get a Terminal running, you can use the "top" command
to get an overview of system load and memory usage.

The "used" field in "top", isn't real. It includes memory
destined for "lazy garbage collection". To force the issue,
in a second terminal, do

sudo su === changes the prompt to the "#" of a root user
echo 3 /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches === "flush my caches now, please"

Then go back and look at "top" again. That dropped my
used value, to less than 250MB.