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Default O.T. Speakers static/humming

Mark Twain wrote:
The Harmon Kardon speakers use a
two prong.

Here's the setup connections:

It's odd that it's intermittent, you would
think if it were a capacitor it would happen
all the time.

Well, I guess I'll just live with it
and just power off/on when it happens.


So that looks to me, like a 2.1 amplified computer
speaker, with LineOut for the satellites and CenterSub
connector for the larger speaker in the base unit ?

Are both audio connectors plugged into the computer ?

Do you have a center-sub connector on the 8500 ? I
presume so.

According to the standard colors table here, black
is "Surround" and lime-green is "front left and front right".
You would think they'd want an orange connector for
a center-sub (so the computer can send a "sub" signal
to make the larger speaker in the base unit work).

If you leave the second connector "floating", it might
pick up hum. Especially as the Sub probably extends
to 60Hz for the hum (the Sub would normally be band-limited
as to which frequencies it could reproduce).

You also want the computer audio settings in the 8500,
set to a setting which "matches" the wiring you're
using. If your speakers are 2.1, and two plugs are
used, you want to select "2.1" in some output selection
panel to match.

You have a bunch of stuff to check.

I thought originally, this was a simple 2-channel setup,
with a single green plug to plug in. If you left a
plug unplugged, that could well explain the extraneous