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Default O.T. Speakers static/humming

Mark Twain wrote:
Yes, both connectors (green and black) are
plugged into the computer and I followed
their diagram to the letter. The plug-in's
to the base module are beige and yellow and
one plug is square and other a triangle so
it's impossible to mess it up.

The speakers are actually the ones I picked
with the 8200 and when I bought the 8500 I
just used them. When the electrician fried
everything I wanted the same speakers because
I liked them allot and found a new set on eBay
still in it's original box.

I've never had to set-up any software previously
and they work just fine.

This what I've found;


So the software seems to know it's driving four
speakers. But it doesn't have any common notation
for the mode showing, to confirm that. It seems to
have figured out the jacks on the back of the machine
are in usage, and perhaps it has the proper side
contacts for plug presence detect for HDAudio.
It's probably in quadraphonic mode right now.
(When the number of channels in the content, doesn't
match the number of speakers, they can fake it
by using various math transforms.)

2.0 Plain stereo
2.1 Left, right, plus a subwoofer
4.0 Quadraphonic (stereo front and stereo back speakers)
5.1 Stereo front, Stereo back, Center, and Subwoofer (three plugs)
Might match some common movie setups.
7.1 Four plugs, don't know all the speaker names right off
hand, but I could go look them up :-)

One question I have about this setup, is what was
the intention of the HK design ? Is it advertised
as a 2.1 system with a left, right, and a Sub ?
It seems a strange choice of packaging, if the thing
is actually a quadraphonic system (four speakers,
two front and two back).

Does the HK speaker have a *model number* on the
back, on a plate or similar, that I can go look up ?

Not that this has anything to do with "funny noises".
I doubt the wire is actually floating and undriven by
a signal. The computer audio is bound to have put
some signal on there.

And if the HK has a two-prong plug, it probably
isn't a ground loop. You could try putting the power
plug of the HK speakers, on the same power_strip as
the computer is using. There's no reason to suspect
this will do anything though... It should not make a
bit of difference. When a two prong powering is used,
the power should "float" with respect to the rest of
the room, and the ground on the computer audio plugs
should establish ground for everything. Preventing
ground loops and humming.