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Default XP's "" skips first lines of output -- a bigger problem

R.Wieser wrote on 2016/01/14:

I threw together a small program emulating a basic MORE program, and noticed
it failed pretty-much the same way.

Either my OS has got problems or, more likely, there something wrong with my
video card and/or driver ... I've already tried to disable hardware
accelleration, but that did not seem to help.

Alas, we still don't know what you are doing. Skipping lines could be
at the head (start of stream), tail (end of stream), or within the
stream. We don't know if you are redirecting or piping a program's
output or using command-line args to to specify a file.

I don't see how anything video card related would affect the content of
a stdout or stderr stream. Those don't even require video. Those are
data streams, not video streams. I don't even need a video card
connected to a monitor for more, type, Notepad, or any other program to
work correctly. Me not seeing it does not equate to the program not
producing expected results.

What are you running? What is the command? Are you running it in a
console (command shell, cmd.exe) so the console remains after the
program ends? Does "skipping" mean you don't see the lines on the
screen or that they are truncated in the console window? Does the
console's window have scrolling enabled? If so, does scrolling still
have the missing lines? is the console's window partially offscreen?

Have you yet tried booting into Windows' safe mode to make sure
something you load on startup and login are not affecting however you
are trying to view output from

Have you tried " file otherfile & notepad otherfile" to see if
all the lines are there when viewing the stdout stream in Notepad
(instead of on the screen within the console window)?