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Default Missing shortcut icons can anybody confirm ?

"Asger Joergensen" wrote in message ...
Hi Gene

Gene E. Bloch wrote:

Anyway, I just looked here (also Win 7 64-bit), and my icons are the same in
Windows Explorer as in WordPad's Open dialog. That verifies that something is
different about your system, but I have no idea what would cause that. I wish I
could help.

Well I just found that if I, in the program that I'm writing, turn of
the wow64FsRedirection, I can get the right icons for my program, so
I guess something is messed up on my system when it comes to this
redirection between 64 and 32 bit locations.

Anybody have a clue where I might have messed up my system ?

If you are writing programs and testing them on your Win7
installation I don't see how anybody else but you can know
what you've done to mess up your system.