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Default W7 system image creation

On 2/17/17 10:23 AM, Paul wrote:
Ken Springer wrote:
I use a computer at work that has Windows 8.1 with Classic Shell installed.

I'm trying to get some kind of backup system going on that computer,
desired would be the W7 backup images and File History. If I pull this
off, it will be the only computer with any kind of backup system.

Using a bare hard drive in a dock, I tried to create a W7 system image.
There were no other programs running AFAIK (I'm not the only person who
uses the computer), and I started the process at the end of the day.
Before I even left, I got a backup failed message that said:

"Windows Backup failed to get an exclusive lock on the EFI system
partition (ESP). This may happen if another application is using files
on the ESP. Please retry the operation. (0x8078011e)

"Additional information:
"Access is denied. (0x800700015)

Most of the info I found on the web is old, but two things may be the
problem. Permissions, which shouldn't be the problem, and the
anti-virus program.

Anyone else have places I could look?

"I use a computer at work"

Does that means you're on a Domain, the machine is locked
down, you're not a member of Administrator group, or what ?

A domain? Are you kidding me? LOL

Sorry, Paul, I never thought about mentioning those things. There's
only 4 computers, and up until about a month ago, they weren't even on a
network for file sharing. And if you wanted to print a label, you had
to walk over to the computer with the Dymo labelmaker and hopefully have
access to it to print a label.

Finally a network was set up. Did we follow the KISS principle? H3ll
no. But at least I could install the labelmaker, but a couple weeks ago
it broke, and it's still not fixed. (It's a management issue, and I'm
working on that issue, a little at a time. G )

To make backups, you need to be a member of the Administrator
group, or be a member of the Backup group. The Backup group was
intended as a means to give employees limited privileges, enough
privileges to make a backup.

I'll be looking at that today. I originally had Admin privileges, as I
set the computer up when it was installed.

I'm only there 9 hrs./wk, so after getting the daily routine done, often
I don't have that much time left over.

And this part sounds like a permission problem.

Additional information:
Access is denied. (0x800700015)

I looked up that error code, found all kinds of situations with that
error, but none when making the images.

Just a guess,

Guesses are fine, a place to start.

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