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Default DD Recovery Help Needed

Birdie wrote:

Macrium Reflect installs Win PE3 in memory as drive X:.

X: has SFC application.
However I cannot find the right combination of parameters to get SFC to
do any scan. The is even an offboot param to specify a different drive
as the boot drive but no go for that.

X: seems to have windows files but I do not know how to do a compare
between X: and C: to see if it can identify any anomalies.

I plugged in a USB drive while in Win PE and am able to copy files from
C: and D: to the USB drive. That helps some.

About ready to give up on fixing the SSD.

Any additional suggestions please.

What you could do is, while you're in the recovery system, make an
image of the C: and D: partitions (and any other partitions) to an
external drive, i.e. for example the USB drive. I.e. you not restore
your old image(s), but make new ones.

That way, if you restore/re-install the system in some way, but later
find out that there was something on the SSD which you want/need, you
can - try to - restore it - file-by-file - from the newly made images.

It's basically a technique anyone should use in any kind of recovery
operation: If the 'sick' disk still can be accessed, *first* make a
backup of it, *before* doing anything which might change its content.
That way, you can always go back, in case your recovery attempts fail or
make things worse instead of better.