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Default XP Device manager items w/ yellow exclamation marks

Gerry, thanks for the reply. I followed your first link (HP) and everything
seems to be installed correctly- the HP722C printer icon appears in Printers
& Faxes and it's checked as the default printer. I don't understand what the
Parallel Device showing up below the HP 722C icon in Device Manager is all
about, other than I know the printer uses the parallel port. I wonder if I
should try uninstalling & reinstalling the printer to see what happens? As
I've mentioned I've had no issues with the printer & just came across these
exclamation marks on a whim.

When you said I should sort the printer driver to see if the Code 24 goes
away- did you mean working on the above HP722C issue first, or use the
troubleshooter in PartMgr? If so can I try uninstalling the PartMgr device
and installing it again? Thanks, Robert

"Gerry Cornell" wrote:


The HP link leading to the driver follows:

Your other Code 24 message is more difficult -see link for more information
about Device Manager error codes:

I would sort the printer driver and see if the Code 24 goes away.


Hope this helps.

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"RobertK" wrote in message
I was looking thru Device Manager and clicked Viewshow hidden devices &
noticed two items with the yellow questions marks beside them- the first
under "Printers" was my printer, then below it "Parallel Device" had the
question mark. When clicking it for more info it said "The drivers for
device aren't installed. To reinstall click Reinstall Driver. Code 28"
device type said "printer". FYI my printer is an older HP 722C & I believe
installed it using WinXPs own printer driver. I haven't had any issues
this or the other device I found in conflict in Device Manager but was
curious if I needed to do anything with either one- or if not broke don't

The second device with a yellow exclamation mark was under Non Plug & Play
Drivers PartMgr. It said: "Device not present, not working properly or
doesn't have all its drivers ,Code 24. Display name: Partition Manager,
Current status: started, Startuptype: Boot. Driver files:
c:\WINDOWS\System32\drivers\partmgr.sys, file version: 5.1.2600.0

The PartMgr had a troubleshoot option but I haven't tried it yet and the
Parallel Device had a reinstall driver option but that came back empty
trying it. Thanks for any help with this! RK