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Default Can I install Win 10 like this?

On 3/13/2019 9:04 PM, bilsch wrote:
I currently have no Windows system on any PC.* I have Ubuntu. I want to
purchase and download a Win10 bootable install iso for use on another PC
(an old Dell Inspiron N4110 laptop).* I can make a bootable USB stick
using linux command line something like:

dd if=windowsinstall.iso of=/dev/sdb

I know how to do that.

What i need to know is where to purchase and download the iso file that
will boot the laptop into the Windows 10 installation routine. I assume
I will get a long registration code when I purchase the file that I will
need to enter during installation.* I prefer to get the file from
Microsoft if possible.* TIA.** Bill S.

This thread has gone all over the map.
What's the objective?
If it's to get win10 on a machine, then

Do you have two friends? It's highly likely that at least one of them
has a windows machine that can run media creation tool to create
a win10 install thumbdrive. You could probably do it at a library,
but they may restrict operations like that.

Stuff the usb into your machine and install windows.
Unless they've changed it in the last few weeks, win10 works just fine
without a key.

Once you've decided that you like it, you have to decide whether you
want to risk MS retracting their offer to run without a key or purchase
a key to activate it. You have to make sure the key works with the
version you've installed. It may be that a win8 or win7 key will work,
maybe, sometimes. I've seen no consistency in what they will accept
on any machine.

According to the many discussions on the web, cheap keys are a crap shoot.
I expect that most of the keys purchased cheap are illegal/non-compliant
copied keys. That they work at all is because MS has not yet discovered
it or that they let is pass...until they don't.
Stated another way, I don't believe that a cheap key off ebay is any
safer in the long run than running unactivated.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

The effort expended on this thread is already far in excess of what
it would have taken you to quit futzing around with linux and use
a windows machine to make the windows install thumbdrive.