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Default Two connected devices

On 19/03/2019 09:10, micky wrote:
I've been using this setup, of an Android phone as a hotspot, with a
laptop running win7, for about 5 months over the last 13 months, and it
works fine.

Today, under Portable Hotspot, it shows that I have two devices
connected. One is my PC and the other is a0:28:ed:ad:4e:4e

I don't remember if there was a way to use encryption or require a
password, but wouldn't a second hotspot user just be getting data to and
from the cellular connection to the web, not from me?

An Android phone used as a hotspot is no different to a router with
regard to security. The same for any other phone.

There are settings to select the type of security (encryption) and the
key/password. If you set it to no security or used an obvious password
you have only yourself to blame if somebody else is using your hotspot.