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Default Invisible virus files to Explorer?

Also, if Norton found the files, it might have deleted them or moved them to
another location that you're not allowed to access. Usually it will
Quarrantine them. You can open Norton and view what's in quarrantine. From
there you can see what the file is, where it was, delete it, etc.

"MowGreen" wrote in message
Beyond X wrote:
Recently Norton Internet Security turned up several malware, mostly
Trojan Horses.
When I searched the files exposed by Norton using Explorer\Search, it
failed find any of them.
Are those malware files invisible to Explorer? How can Norton find them
and identify their names and locations?

How to see hidden files in Windows XP

Since NIS didn't protect the system and may at this stage of the game be
compromised itself, you'd be better served burning a Rescue CD, booting
from it, and cleaning the system from said CD so that no malware on the
infected drive can cloak itself.
IF the system can connect to the internet, then the CD will automatically
update to the latest malware defintions:

How to record Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10 to a CD/DVD and boot my computer
from the disk?

Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10 - Work with program

How to create a BitDefender Rescue CD


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