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Default Will winsxs stop growing?

J. P. Gilliver (John) wrote:
On my system, C:\Windows\winsxs occupies 8.5G, out of the 36G used on my
C:, which I try to keep as just OS-plus-software (i. e. not data).

I've seen various discussions of what winsxs is, which generally descend
fairly rapidly into whether it really is the size it seems to be, talk
about junction points, and so on, to the extent that my brain hurts; in
general, I get the impression that, for bears of little brain like me,
it's something I should leave well alone, and accept that it will grow
as time goes by.

When end of support happens in January, will it stop growing?

There seem to be a lot of references to Windows Update
in the article here, so my guess is there won't be substantial
future changes.

An application might cause a supporting subsystem to be installed,
in which case there might be a tiny change to it. That's why
I don't think the possibility is "exactly" zero, but it will be
close to zero changes.

More damaging, might be the keeping of copies of program
installer MSI files, and programs that keep their own
"uninstall materials". Such as say, Chrome, keeping a 150MB
cache contained in some sort of ZIP, which is used for uninstall
or repair. And application like Macrium is an absolute pig
when it comes to wasted space, and stuff squirreled here and
there. You might hear me emit a "Grrr..." under my breath
when I'm using sequoiaview/windirstat and notice this
sort of thing.