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Default How does my very first edited video (using Shotcut freeware) look?

He who is UnsteadyKen said on Tue, 10 Oct 2017 12:51:59 +0100:

I know, I pasted the wrong link, the message is from the video hosting

Thank you for trying where I apologize if you couldn't download the MP4
file (it looks like others could), but I see you wanted to watch it in
streaming, which I can't blame you. I'd want to do the same.

I had searched for registration-free video upload sites that allow
streaming, but I couldn't find any. So if you know of one, I'd be glad to
upload to that site for you to stream from.

The only registration-free sites I know of that will handle the large size
of videos are these "binary" upload sites.

Send Space
File is deleted if not uploaded in 30 days.
Users get a link to an ad-filled page.
Tiny Upload
File Dropper
Upload Files
Zippy Share
Drop Canvas

If one of those works for video streaming by the recipient, I'd be glad to
try it.

Does anyone know of any video-streaming site that has registration-free