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Default How does my very first edited video (using Shotcut freeware) look?

He who is Mayayana said on Tue, 10 Oct 2017 13:37:40 -0400:

| Ae you saying you can *see* through the blacked-out areas?
No. I just meant the video is clear and the
blackouts look fine.

Whew! Thanks for confirming that the "redacted" SSIDs and BSSIDs remained

My worry, as it would be with EXIF thumbnail information in a JPEG, or
"login" information in a Word document, is that I don't know how an MP4 can
be "disassembled" out of its component parts.

For example, can the original audio (of the grandkids talking in the
background) be pulled out easily from the MP4 I uploaded? Or can the
underlying areas I thought I obscured be reconstructed out of "layers" such
as those we find in PNG files?

I don't know.
Does anyone know if an MP4 can be "disassembled" such that the original
audio and original underlying information that was "redacted" by
"obscuring" can easily be recovered?

(HINT: I'm not talking about state-sponsored adversaries but just
adversaries who happen to be experts on the file formats.)