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Default How does my very first edited video (using Shotcut freeware) look?

"harry newton" wrote

| Or can the
| underlying areas I thought I obscured be reconstructed out of "layers"
| as those we find in PNG files?

Isn't the mp4 composed of a series of bitmaps?
A bitmap defines a grid of pixels. If you paint black
over a rectangle then those pixels are black. They
can't be two things. It's not like spraypainting.

A PNG is just a compressed bitmap with an alpha
channel option, which means one can specify a degree
of blending with the background when painting the
image in order to give an effect of transparency.

There are no layers. Didn't we talk about this recently?
Someone was asking about image layers. Images don't
have layers. Graphic editors can sometimes allow
working with layers, and they can save that data in their
own formats. But that's not an image with layers. It's
a record of digital edits. That function led someone to
think that image formats have layers. They do not. A
raster image is a bitmap. That's it.