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Default network adapters

On Mon, 6 Dec 2004 06:35:01 -0600, "Rick and Deb"

Sorry, Rick's firewall is not on. Sparky's firewall is not giving me an
option to turn it on, grayed out. The firewall far the internet connection
is on far sparky.


I ran the wizard, still can't share files. The one thing I see different

the node type on rick say's broadcast. Is that okay? When I go to network

see if they will share Sparky shows it self, Rick doesn't show anything.
Thanks Chuck, keep plugging away you will figure it out. I do have another
card. It's an old linksys lan card II. I don't think xp has drivers far it
but not sure.

So far, I don't see that you have setup ICS on Sparky. ICS will let you share
internet service with Rick, plus it will provide network configuration for both
computers, allowing file sharing to work.

Run the network setup wizard on Sparky to setup ICS:
Or manually, if you prefer:

And post updated IPConfig.

What is the name of the firewall on Rick? On Sparky? This could be important.

BTW, please help me here. You are now producing a nicely formatted IPConfig
from both computers. What did you do differently? I ask because a lot of folks
produce IPConfig like you did earlier (garbled), and I would like to improve my
instructions to they can produce it nicely formatted, as you are doing now.
That would be a big help to me.

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