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Default Is there an ad-free YouTube clone for Windows like NewPipe is for Android?

/nIn vTmkB66N, Diesel

You download a hosts (ad blacklist) file and copy it into

That requires the advertising servers to remain static. They can
change IP/domain names anytime they like, rendering the previous
entries null and void. The hosts file was never actually intended for
the way in which you suggest using it...Despite it working to a point
for that purpose. It's the wrong tool for the job.

I periodically slide into my master HOSTS file the MVP Hosts file.

Command line downloading is inefficient if you want to download
multiple vids or extract multiple mp3s at a time.

It depends entirely on the command line and the tool you're using as
well as the site in which you're pulling the material from. One size
doesn't fit all.

The tool I use has a billion switches to do anything you want, from
downloading every third file in a playlist to a regular expression used on
a playlist to file size limitations, to not downloading videos in the
playlist without sufficient views or after a certain date, or whatever.

It's kind of like ImageMagick or vim in that there is already a built-in
option for everything anyone has ever needed.