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Default Is there an ad-free YouTube clone for Windows like NewPipe is for Android?

/nIn , "M.L."

Q: Does AdBlock block the inside-the-video inline video ads on YouTube?

Can't say for sure, but I know that the MVP hosts file blocks all
youTube ads in all my browsers.

This is great to know since I haven't updated my MVP Hosts file in a while
(so I'll slip that again into my already huge MASTER HOSTS file soon).

That Master HOSTS file gets propagated to all my devices, included Android,
which mounts easily to Windows' file system over the LAN.

I agree with you on the insane versatility of this global system wide
method of blocking hosts, rather than a browser-specific method such as
what AdBlock employs.

In use, the *global* (aka system wide) ad blockers do a *great* job in
blocking ads that I would never have thought *could* be blocked!

As one example, I bought some phones for Christmas and was using
Deep Art Effects - de.nextsol.deeparteffects.api

1. On the phone with the Master HOSTS file - there was no watermark
2. On the new phone (not yet set up with the Master Hosts) - there was

So even watermarks on photos put on by freeware editors are removed by the
global solution - which is something a browser-specific AdBlock can't do.

In general, I have a well-thought out Windows system, where anyone who
proposes a browser-specific solution is likely not thinking globally like
you and I think.

A browser-specific solution like AdBlock or a browser-specific youtube
downloader is only suggested by those who only use point solutions.

Nothing wrong with point solutions (they work); but it takes thinking and
philosophical design to come up with the more elegant global system-wide
solutions that we habitually employ.