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Default Is there an ad-free YouTube clone for Windows like NewPipe is for Android?

/nIn vTmkB66N, Diesel

Unless otherwise specified, it's most likely going to be stored in
the folder from which you executed the program from. That's usually
the case. And, incidently, I didn't recommend any console based
downloader for video/audio leeching. I recommended a friendly plugin
for firefox; nice little 'gui' based thing. No promises it works with
the latest POS mozilla released as I don't run that on this machine,
because I like the plugins I have.

I must agree with you that the youtube downloader I use puts the results in
the current working directory. Sigh.

You'd think with a billion options, one of them would be for where the
output should go.

Looking at the manpage, it has "--ouput TEMPLATE", where the template
template format is a mystery to me as of this date.