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Default question for the video editor folks

On 10/11/2018 01:08 PM, Bill in Co wrote:
Paul wrote:
JBI wrote:
On 10/11/2018 04:25 AM, SC Tom wrote:

"JBI" wrote in message news I have several videos I've transferred over from VHS to digital. All
are in MPEG2 format. I need to cut and edit some of them, but I'm
having trouble finding a free editor that does so without
re-encoding. Suggestions for freeware that would allow this without a
re-encode would be welcome. Thank you.

I've used VideoPad Video Editor for a few years now. There is a free,
non commercial, home-use one. It just asks you each time you open it
to certify that you are using it for home use:
A little bit under the picture is the line "Get it free." That's the
one. I still use an older version (4.14), and it looks like they're up
now. I have had no problems with the older version, so have not felt
the need to update what's already working just fine.

Thanks for this nice program! About the only alternative I've tried
that's still free and looks quite capable. Only one caveat: I am unable
to export the mpeg2 I'm trying to edit without re-encode. Apparently,
it has to be in one of their recommended input codec formats to edit
losslessly. Do you know if the older version is that way or not?

About the only thing I did end up doing was using Avidemux to edit. It
*seemed* to save without re encoding (still not sure), but output file
size seemed the same and it saved very fast. I did end up having to
save as a .ts file instead of mpeg, but so far it seems to play fine on
any of my players.

I guess I could save my edits to uncompressed AVI in Videopad and then
reopen and resave with a new format/ codec, but just too much work.
Never thought I'd have this much trouble with a simple mpeg2 edit and no
re encode with freeware!

Videohelp has lists of programs. Scroll down after you
make a selection, to see the review for each program.
Use "find" in your browser and look for lossless.

Then, when you look at an individual item, there will be
comments from users.

"The version can still be downloaded from
However after giving it a pretty good try it seems that it does
not do frame accurate clipping after all! All it does is starts
the trimmed output block at a nearby keyframe and doesn't try to
do any "smart-rendering" to give you a few extra frames before
an existing keyframe.

So don't bother wasting your time with it, it provides no extra
functionality over free tools like avidemux (which as of version
2.6 also insists on starting an output block at a keyframe).

And that "smart rendering" term is good for searches too.
This is available as a trial-ware, but it could watermark
stuff - I wouldn't rely on the trial-ware declaration
as a free lunch :-)

TMPGEnc MPEG Smart Renderer 5 supports

MPEG-2 Video format which is used for DVD-Video
H.264/AVC format which is for websites such as YouTube
"H.265/HEVC" format which is newly supported


I don't think he's going to find one that is free, Paul. I still think one
(or both) of the two I mentioned before might do it, but they are not free.
Here is my suggested list again:

SolveigMM Video Splitter
VideoReDo Plus (or even VideoReDo, for that matter)

I've used them both in the past, with pretty good results. :-)

Thanks to Paul's suggestion, I did find one that worked called MPEG
Streamclip. I was able to do the cutting/ trimming and then using "save
as", according to the instructions, saves a copy of the original file.
In file comparisons, an unedited file imported into the program and then
"saved as" is the same size as the original.

As reviews suggested, editing can be rather rough as playing during
editing can be broken up, but forwarding to each correct keyframe and
then cutting produced perfect results.