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Default Set Up Network Shortcut to use IE?

"Frederick" wrote:

I have Firefox and IE both active on this XP SP2 machine. I want to
go to site:

but it won't run, using Firefox. Just IE. How can I set up my
desktop shortcut to use IE, and not Firefox, to go to this site?

Have the shortcut run the program and specify the site as a parameter,
as in:

"path\iexplore.exe" url

where, path is wherever IE is installed on your host (probably
c:\program files\internet explorer). Be sure to include the
double-quotes if the path or filename contains spaces.

The Microsoft Windows Update site won't work with any web browser other
than Microsoft's own. While you can use IE to visit the site, why
doesn't the "Windows Update" shortcut in the Start menu work (which runs