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Default Browser will not load certain pages ...

M100C wrote in


Got a maddening problem, and looking for suggestions.

My daughter has an XP machine, and until recently, she routinely
visited with no problems. She recently sought help
from our household IT professional (me) because "it was not
working". Here's what I know:

1) Not browser related. Have installed/uninstalled one-by-one
Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. All load the same common websites
(Google, Facebook, etc). All resolve Picnik URL, and appear to
start loading, but never finish.
2) Is machine related. Can load Picnik easily on Win 7/Chrome and
Ubuntu/Firefox machines. All machines connect wirelessly through
same router.
3) Not network related. Thought it could be the WLAN NIC and
bandwidth, but disabled WLAN and wired directly to router. Same
behavior. Good bandwith (about 1.3 Mb/sec) confirmed by
downloading large files.
4) Not Flash (Picnik is Flash). Other Flash sites working fine.
Reinstalled Flash to no avail.
5) Cleared cache, history, temp files, etc. About 20 GB available
on 80 GB disk.
6) Seems to be high, rhythmic disk activity. HDD light on for one
second, then off for one second, over and over. Maybe a big swap

Looking for ideas,

It is most likely a specific port or ports that are being blocked by
that machine. The symptoms could be caused by a firewall program on
the machine. Try temporarily disabling all firewalls.

The problem could also be caused by certain malware that inserts
itself into the TCP/IP stack much like a firewall. Likewise,
improper removal of such malware can cause this problem. Try
scanning your machine for malware with a program like freeware

When all else fails, often one of the following freeware programs can
sometimes fix the problem: