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Default Reason *TO* pick on Windows 10

On 2019-03-07 19:19, John Doe wrote:
Regular troll from Apple groups...

Sigh. He's not trolling.

He's also not completely correct. Up until OS X Snow Leopard was
released in 2009, Mac users could and often did run truly ancient
software. I, personally, was able to run software written for Mac Pluses
with 9" black&white (not grey scale) displays on iMacs with 20" 24-bit
colour displays. I still have an old eMac (17" 24-bit display) which I
occasionally start up to play older games, which no longer run on new
machines because starting with Snow Leopard support was removed. Apple
does, however, give plenty of warning that something's going away.
They've been letting people know that 32-bit support is going for some
time now. They 'depreciated' certain networking protocols (Open
Transport) with the arrival of OS X Tiger in 2005 and finally killed it
with OS X Mavericks in 2013, a stay of execution of eight years. That
kind of thing is not unusual.