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Default Latest guidance re how to get updates

none wrote:
Got an Averatec 3150P laptop still running XP Pro after 15 years, maybe
because I only drag it out nowadays on or maybe shortly after Patch
Tuesday to see if it still boots up and can snag whatever updates are
available. I was doing this via the registry hack that spoofed XP
Imbedded and POSReady 2009 (the one that promised updates until next
year). This worked fine until some event-don't recall exactly what
now-prompted Microsoft to temporarily resume updating XP a little while
back. Last updates I successfully got were at the end of March (little
late updating that month and have slacked off since). Anyway, we're
back to the eternal "searching for updates" issue and Microsoft Security
Essentials, which HAD started working again, now won't update even after
searching overnight. Any ideas as to where I should go from here? Really
would like to get those last few months of updates that hack promised.

I ran MBSA 2.3 and made a list of updates.

I tried a few at first (2018-05 and 2018-04), and
that didn't stop the Windows Update looping.

So I blasted in the rest (all the outstanding ones listed
in the output of an MBSA 2.3 scan)...

And all I got out of the effort is:

1) MBSA 2.3 broke, and no longer comes back from a scan.
That's never ever happened before here.
2) Windows Update still spins in a loop (one core railed).
3) The WU Update History appears borked. I don't think
I can see the installed updates, which perhaps is normal.

At least the OS still boots :-/

On the "borked" scale, this is roughly as bad as Vista now.
Vista behaves like that on Windows Update. Microsoft
should be proud.