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Default Latest guidance re how to get updates

none wrote:
Got an Averatec 3150P laptop still running XP Pro after 15 years, maybe
because I only drag it out nowadays on or maybe shortly after Patch
Tuesday to see if it still boots up and can snag whatever updates are
available. I was doing this via the registry hack that spoofed XP
Imbedded and POSReady 2009 (the one that promised updates until next
year). This worked fine until some event-don't recall exactly what
now-prompted Microsoft to temporarily resume updating XP a little while
back. Last updates I successfully got were at the end of March (little
late updating that month and have slacked off since). Anyway, we're
back to the eternal "searching for updates" issue and Microsoft Security
Essentials, which HAD started working again, now won't update even after
searching overnight. Any ideas as to where I should go from here? Really
would like to get those last few months of updates that hack promised.

OK, I have something for you to try.

Early on in my experiments with a WinXP/PosReady setup
in a VM, I got "tricked" into using the IE8 Cumulative
with this KB number. It turns out KB4018271 is not the
correct IE8 update. It installs OK and everything,
but it fouls up the supersedence big time. It even has
the same release number as the correct one.

IE8-WindowsXP-KB4018271-x86-Custom-ENU.exe 10,974,448 bytes


When I installed WinXP in a VM a second time, this time
I installed wsusoffline first (9.2.4 capture) into WinXP.
Then set the PosReady "Installed" registry entry DWORD to 1.
When I ran MBSA 2.3 security analyzer, it gave me a
reference to KB4230450 being missing. As soon as I
went to and realized it
was a Cumulative, I knew I'd been tricked on the first one.


10,976,960 bytes

If you go to with firefox and enter


then scroll down until you find the PosReady one, you should
be able to click the Download button on the right and download
the 10,976,960 byte file. (Different language choices will
have a different sized file.)

Once you execute the EXE, your copy of IE8 will be updated.

I did a reboot at that point.

Then visited Windows Update, and damn if my symptoms didn't
change for the better. WU seemed responsive.

I couldn't complete the experiment because of needing to
install WGA (890120???) on an unactivated copy of WinXP,
so the experiment ends there. But it does give the appearance
of being functional, as far as I can test it.

Anyway, that's the breadcrumb of the day - comes
with no guarantees. I assume you're running IE8, because
I doubt there are any more Cumulatives for the others
(they're out of support), and you would not have
received any updates unless you were running a
version of IE that was completely up to date.

So the idea is, if this happens again, hunt down
the (correct) Cumulative that month for IE8 and
install it. New Cumulatives for IE used to come
out monthly, and if you don't install it first
(before running WU), then WU takes a lot longer
to paint the screen.