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T wrote:

T wrote:

Anyone know if there is a Home to Professional upgrade
license out there?

I am hoping my distributors have something I can sell.
I am not real trusting having my customer give M$
their credit card numbers.

Upgrade 'ware' for Office and Windows ceased years ago. All versions
released are full versions and priced accordingly.

Windows 8.0 was the last 'upgrade' Windows version with upgrade pricing.
Windows 8.1 and later is all full version/full price ware.
- Full version can be used to upgrade an existing device.

Office 2010 was the last upgrade 'Office' version with upgrade pricing.
- Note: For a short period of time upgrade pricing was available(circa
2012) for Office 2010 to 2013 with qualification tied to the point in
time Office 2010 was purchased(i.e. it was a guarantee to upgrade to
2013 if 2010 was purchased within a short period of time prior to 2013
- Full can be used to upgrade 2013, but not 2010 or earlier. Those
earlier versions must be uninstalled.

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