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On Wed, 06 Dec 2017 17:58:40 -0500, Paul wrote:

Rene Lamontagne wrote:
Using Thunderbird 52.5 in Windows 10, I have one company that is
consistently sending me E-mail, The company is called, they
are an online furniture company, I have created rules from a message
numerous times, I have added them to my hosts file but they still keep
coming through. my hosts file seems OK as I can no longer reach there
web site
They are very annoying as they send them every few days.
Is there any way I can stop them once and for all.

Thanks, Rene

Mail takes an indirect route. It uses servers. The
servers talk to one another.

some_server ------------- some_server
/ \
/ \

So in that diagram, adding to your HOSTS
file, won't do anything. Because a packet didn't come
straight from to your place.

You're right that a hosts file entry won't help, but it's not because of
the path that email took to get to him. Instead, it's for the simple
reason that hosts file lookups are performed when your PC needs to
translate a domain name to an IP address. That kind of lookup isn't
required (i.e., isn't performed) when receiving email.

Instead, you need to have a spam filter,


Correct. Sometimes the trick is in constructing one that's effective,
meaning it does what it's supposed to do without doing too much.