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Default Connecting a Kindle Fire

On 9/17/17 11:13 PM, Paul wrote:
Ken Springer wrote:
Does anyone know how to connect a Kindle Fire to Windows 8 using the
network and not a direct connection"

The Wifi recipe here, I think it assumes you have a Wifi router
and are not attempting an Adhoc connection. Adhoc is Wifi point to
point, whereas infrastructure assumes a router.

Some of the Kindles use Android as their OS, and may share
features with it.

They have an Wi-Fi router, that is how she is connected to their printer
from her laptop.

Both of them have W8 laptops, and she needed/wanted to download a file
from his new Kindle to his laptop. She was trying to get Bluetooth to
work, but was frustrated with the slow speed.

He is not that computer literate, and has no patience with them.

I have been trying to get her to network everything they have to
simplify file transfer. The same as I've been trying to do with my
computers. (Which keeps breaking on the Windows end. To use a possible
Trumpism.... "So frustrating". LOL

I don't know if his Kindle is Android based or not.

At any rate, she finally got Bluetooth figured out, and just waited it out.

But I have passed those links on to her, maybe they will provide the
impetus to get her to use Wi Fi instead. Now, if I could just get her
to set her computer up to automatically back up her system, rather than
doing everything manually.

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