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Default Connecting a Kindle Fire

On 09/19/2017 01:06 PM, Ken Springer wrote:
On 9/18/17 8:47 AM, Big Al wrote:
On 09/18/2017 01:13 AM, Paul wrote:
Ken Springer wrote:
Does anyone know how to connect a Kindle Fire to Windows 8 using the
network and not a direct connection"

The Wifi recipe here, I think it assumes you have a Wifi router
and are not attempting an Adhoc connection. Adhoc is Wifi point to
point, whereas infrastructure assumes a router.

Some of the Kindles use Android as their OS, and may share
features with it.

**** Paul

The OP didn't say these exact words but using a cable to connect (at
least on my old paper white) makes it look like an external HD on
Windows 8.

Hi, Big All

I found out about the cable doing some quick searching, but I don't
think they have a cable.* The Nexus 7 does the same thing with a cable,
but that means you have to have both units side by side in order to do
the transfer.* But, I might want sit in front of the TV and watch
something that is on and transfer files at the same time.

I'm reading between the lines, but I think the OP might have wanted to
know (or I would be interested in hearing) how you connect to the device
via the network.** Can you use a browser to see 192.168.1.x, ftp to it,
telnet to it, or browse via explorer?

That's exactly where I would like her to go, but there's definitely
resistance to creating a true network.* She now has a full time job, and
is really finding that her time is at a premium.* That might make it a
little easier for me to get her to change her mind about how she does
some things.

I got so frustrated with finding my way around the Nexus 7 file system,
I downloaded and installed a Windows/File Explorer type file program,
and didn't have any more problems.

I have a "File Explorer" on my Blu Life Play II Android 4.4.2.
The file explorer is part of the OS, I can't delete it, I can just stop
it, so it's not in the play store for you to download. But this has an
FTP icon at the bottom to make it a server.
Not sure what apps are in the Amazon store but if you could find a
similar app with the same little feature then you could simply load
Filezilla or such on the PCs and get things going that way.

It's a shot?! :-)