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Default Thank you.

BoaterDave is a troll. He has been told that .bat files are not inherently
more harmful than any other executable file many times in other newsgroups.
He ignores everyone's advice and attempts to get unsuspecting computer users
to scan their computers for .bat files and delete any they find. He has
caused a lot of unnecessary worry by telling people they are infected and
urging them to do many different anti-malware scans. When the scans come up
empty he insists they are still infected and points them to yet another
online scanning engine. At best he is a very sophistcated troll. At worst he
is a very paranoid person who needs professional help. In any case he can be
safely ignored.

Kerry Brown
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"gls858" wrote in message

It's not the fact that's it's a .bat file that makes it good or bad
it's the commands that it contains. A .bat is simply a series of commands.
If you want to see the contents of a .bat file simply right click and
select edit. If you or your so called "script kiddie" don't understand the
commands contained in the batch file I would suggest you find a real
computer programmer to explain to you what the file is intended to do.
Batch files are commonly used to perform redundant tasks on a schedule.